Candiria "While They Were Sleeping"

While Candiria has been entirely off the map for years, there's no denying their genius that entertained confused metal heads across the globe with their epic release, C.O.M.A. Imprint and it's intricate use of infinite instruments and strange nuances. That album was executed with such perfection that it left countless doors open for the band. Aside from their preceding catalogue, which saw the band toy with concepts that would later be developed in further detail, Candiria didn't stick around long enough for those who were interested to see them in action. 
     After a tragic accident that shattered the band and almost saw an end to their actual existence on Earth, they released What Doesn't Kill You... with a picture of the wrecked van on the cover. While the accident granted the band millions in restitution, it seems as if it took the band back a peg to mortality. This album saw a much more commercial appeal, with songs like "Remove Yourself" anchoring the group in new ground, attempting at radio reach, but soon enough it was all but over for the band. 
     Years later we are given Candiria's latest stab, and while it's certainly no C.O.M.A novelty, it's still so superb that it warrants a proper spin. There are parts that are obviously a stretch sending the cows over the moon, but for a band that has been in action for as long as Candiria, who stepped away for as long as they did with their ailments in their back pocket, While They Were Sleeping is an incredible release for any band and is miles away from the mundane efforts of any metalcore giant ala Killswitch Engage or August Burns Red. The album gives so much meat on the bone that it's hard to be disappointed. It's also worth noting that those who aren't familiar with the band will find a suitable entry point to discover a catalogue that may take just as long as Candiria's gap between releases to fully comprehend. 

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