I Declare War "Songs For The Sick"

The fact that I Declare War managed to accomplish as much as they have (and that we've been paying attention) since the release of Amidst The Bloodshed is almost as surprising as their belief that Songs For The Sick was a necessary album. It only takes one belch from the album opener, alongside a monotone chug that makes this album instantly forgettable. 
     While "Tick" and "Critical Moment" are good additions to their already pummeling live set, this release takes the band nowhere besides perhaps an even more refined gloss on their sound which has struggled since day one, with sloppy unsustainable double bass, to poor craftsmanship on the guitars by even the most foundational standards. Rooks even pulled off the same elements found on "Cough Out The Sick" on their latest release with comparable panache.
     But I Declare War seems to have much more production support than Rooks, so it's worth pondering why they dabble in the same league as amateurs and leaves us wondering if it's really just the logo that gets these bands on top of the show rosters. If this was the band's debut, then sure, we got some great beatdown here. But on what is considered to be their fifth complete release, it seems like there's not a thought in their rehearsal room to try and elevate their game.
     Even Chelsea Grin had sloppy origins, but eventually got the right formula to expose eclectic skills on both ability and songwriting as their catalogue expanded. Carnifex is another example. But for I Declare War, it's hard to believe they haven't gotten exhausted of recording the same album every couple of years and playing to the same size rooms they've been struggling to fill their entire career.

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