Immoralist "Unholy"

It sure seems like a ton of brutality has just seeping through the library lately, but we'd be completely remiss not to mention the recent full length by the beatdown perfectionists. While Immoralist has been the culprit of plopping random EPs and singles that just aren't enough to leave a lasting mark, their newest collection shows the variety and dynamic expected from, let's say, that recent I Declare War album that's necessary for an aggressive album to display. 
     The grooves are infectious and unique, and it's important to identify the difference between an Immoralist and an I Declare War. One still has so much to prove, while the other got lucky and hopped on the right rosters to get the notoriety they so undeservedly possess. The key ingredient however, is the ability to survive out in the wilderness long enough to generate enough momentum to sustain interest. In that aspect, Immoralist has barely left the house. But for what it's worth, Immoralist's complete release shouldn't be overlooked for anyone who's into anything heavy. Start with the guest appearance tracks if looking for quick hits to get off the launch pad.

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