Seeker "Loss"

After a string of super successful independent singles, Seeker inked a deal with Victory a few years back and launched the incredibly unsuccessful Unloved. The album itself was great. Super technical, unrelenting brutality with some re-releases of their early singles. But it seems as if Victory just couldn't get their marketing together, at times generating less likes for posts on Facebook than my birthday pictures earned from friends and family. 
     With their latest release, whatever amalgamation of the band we're presented with here seems to have gotten super tight. "Throat" and "Void" seem to have solid foundations, and the thrash is in full effect. Album favorite "Rot" never settles, and there isn't a chance to gasp for air throughout the quick twenty-five minute duration. The album is probably the band's best collection and is a cohesive installment of their Ion Dissonance-esque approach to hardcore.
     It's just such a damn shame about Victory though, right? Things couldn't have possibly gone as bad as they did for the band if they went with Sumerian, and why that label didn't bother to step in and intervene is beyond everything. Here's to hoping Seeker sustain their attempts at exposure, because their shortcomings certainly don't originate from their production and Loss makes for a really great metal record that's unique and punishing from start to finish in it's almost instantaneous run time.

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