Trash Talk "Tangle"

One of the greatest anomalies in hardcore and punk history is Trash Talk's ability to infuse themselves in urban culture and mingle amongst a variety of hip hop and rap outfits while still staying true to their mob-infused brand of aggressive music. With each release, following an eclectic tour package, there's always a chance that the band will embrace the influence of their peers, but that's never the case and on their latest batch found on Tangle, Trash Talk is as pissed off as ever, roaring with angst and animosity in its brief run time. With Expire throwing in the towel, it's possible that these guys will take the reign, but their tendency to stay off the path most often traveled will probably leave the band in cult status for the majority of their career. It's crucial to note that a new Trash Talk EP means more Trash Talk shows, and that's a message only those who have seen the band in the flesh will understand. But while This Is Hell is still pumping records, Trash Talk is always going to be more important to experience live than on record for those looking for superb meat and potato hardcore.

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