Avenged Sevenfold "The Stage"

For those of us who've been following this band since Sounding The Seventh Trumpet, and got into Waking The Fallen, and just had to step away after since nothing seemed to make any sense, The Stage is here to give us a platform to rise to the occasion and return to the band for all the right reasons. If album opener isn't enough to lure you in, perhaps the trumpets in "Sunny Disposition" may get it done. Or perhaps the Alice In Chains influenced "Creating God" will scratch the itch. While much of the band's catalogue has shifted away from its metallic and aggressive roots, the songwriting is finally back to its merit and showcased gracefully on this epic release. While it may have been a sudden and surprising release, here's to hoping it gets the right push from a marketing perspective to get the band headlining all the proper festivals in the year ahead. It Jack Black were to have a proper band, this band on this release would be it. Just check "Angels" for reference.

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