In Flames "Battles"

The identity crisis that has plagued the band since their inception is at full play here, hoping to lure in radio stations around the world to cast a wide net for a hopeful new audience. On its own and away from the band's legacy and extensive back catalogue, it's really a weak album. If In Flames were to plop into the metal community with their debut album opener "Drained" it's hard to imagine that anyone would ever batter an eyelash. Instead, it's because of the band's brand that we even turn our heads to listen in intrigue.
     While many purists lose their mind while listening to In Flames these days, it's obvious that the band matured for the better. Their approach to Gothenburg metal was dying anyway, and bands like Soilwork and At The Gates never managed to get themselves above small clubs and baby theaters. While this sound is obviously flat and uninspired, for a band who is well into their career and is splurging themselves on their twelfth release, it's clear that this is necessary. 
     With a band like Avenged Sevenfold taking over the arena headliner space, many likeminded artists are chomping at the bit to break their next step up to glory. For In Flames however, it's probably back of the line with Battles. It's hard to imagine anyone unfamiliar with the band taking this too seriously, and for those diehards who turned their back many moons ago, there's not enough here to draw their attention back to the band. What may happen is a new fan base starts to look back into the band's catalogue and somehow magically reignites an interest in the metal realm of the mid 90's. The likelihood of the happening after a dozen releases is borderline impossible. 

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