Nine Inch Nails "Not The Actual Events"

So this came out today. Not too sure what to make of it at first listen, but the songwriting wasn't actually that strong in my opinion, even though there are obviously new strengths and abilities at play that will probably only be truly understood in a year's time. What did we possibly think could come after Year Zero and the onslaught of tracks like "Find My Way"? Here is the answer. "She's Gone Away" walks away being a true standout, bringing to mind all those things we love from new NIN that still stay so cunningly classic. It's the second half of the release that really shapes up, with punk tendencies resurging more than once in the EP, and the whole thing ending before it really begins. It wraps up nice and sludgingly and brings closure neatly, with Reznor droning on over a monotonous beat. Not quite sure what that's about, until it finally polishes off with its effect. Hopefully we're not waiting another forty months before our next installment.

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