Angelmaker / A Night In Texas "Split"

Both are deathcore bands worth a damn, and this split cements their comparability side by side. A Night In Texas is a band that seriously needs a break. Without a producer or someone of consultative authority at the wheel, the band has been able to create some intense music. Their craftsmanship is top notch with great intensity from the drum department and the vocals are presented with great cadence. Their breakdowns are groovy and stand up to the genre's necessity in the metal market.
     Angelmaker's contributions to the EP take the sound even further with an even darker batch of songs, proving that there's always a step further the audio can go. Side by side with A Night In Texas it feels like they're really a little more sluggish than their counterparts, but their efforts are not any less effective. Overall it's a great EP that shouldn't be overlooked for the metal enthusiast.

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