Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes "Modern Ruin"

The highly anticipated sophomore outing from the frontman of the year and his new clan of scene masters, fails to outdo its debut, but still shares a solid batch of tracks to aide his catalogue. It's unfortunate that it takes until "Acid Veins" to have a real standout track, but at least there is some value to these statements that claim that Frank truly has been the creator of some of the best shit out there. "Trouble," "Devil Inside Me," "Primary Explosive," all incredible gems of hardcore/alternative mastery. Unfortunately, this is to Blossom the same thing that Grey Britain was to Orchestra of Wolves; acceptable but nowhere near as impactful.
     The production is worth noting to be a little flat, with the guitar tones remaining twangy and subtle, the drums being present but not standout relevant, and Frank's personality as a megaphone professional remains steady throughout all twelve tracks. This certainly beefs up their live set and gives a broader range of tracks they can pull out of the hat for their chaotic stage show, but it's certainly not the album of the year their first one was in 2015.

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