Boris The Blade "Warpath"

Truly the Bermuda of deathcore, Boris The Blade have been struggling to make a name for themselves since their EP came out a few years ago. Whatever was released between now and then wasn't really that extraordinary, and with the amount of activity churning butter in Australia with Parkway Drive and Thy Art drama being more than anyone can handle, it's obvious that these guys would be overlooked. But through their persistent social media presence and occasional notable tour here and there, Warpath has made its way to the list. Not only has it "made its way," but it's decimated the path between dozens of stalwart, wet-behind-the-ears attempts at the sound.
      Warpath is everything you'd want from a proper metal album. Groove, unbelievable physical ability, hooks, pressure. It beats you up and plays well and you instantly want to hear it again. There's plenty of standout tracks and the vocals, production and musicianship are top notch. The voice is a blend, often sifting between hardcore and a few throat wails, but never too gory as if to laugh at themselves. The album plays superb on repeat and has tons of standout moments and it'd be a crime scene rating this anything less than essential. This one's a true competitor. 

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