Filth "God Has A Plan"

So does the volume in the first track start low and then gets louder at the end of the song? Or was that just me? Not sure what these guys are listening to but it's obvious they're trying to emulate a sound they enjoy on their ear buds. The band is far too lazy and sluggish, and too many frills, flare, and nuances are aimed to be executed in the background, but none of them derail from the monotonous, one dimensional sound they could only wish they could step away from. It's probably a crying shame this came out on the same day as the new Boris The Blade, but the guitars are all chugs, with zero staccatos and even though each track is just a little over three or four minutes it's super painful to listen to. This one was. waste of time, but just in case you're curious or liked their first one, this one will just get you frustrated.

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