Footage Of A Yeti "Purging The Human Condition"

Continuing the wide coverage of technical death metal, deathcore and assorted beatdown that's been discussed here as of late is the most recent installment of Queens' most brutal band. While Filth recently released the laziest record of the year, Footage display comparable elements, but manage to execute their efforts at a much higher level. Recently Eddie from Suicide Silence claimed that deathcore fans are used to such glossy production that anything less is assumed criminal. This is true to a degree. That's partially what made Oceano's Depths so captivating. Such simple concepts were explored to such lengths that there was instantly hope generated for anyone with a guitar and decent gauges and pick ups. 
     Footage do what they need to do to not be discredited amongst their peers, but also step up their mindless chugging a little more than your average beatdown band. While hardly technical, there are nice sprinkles throughout, "Wretched World" being one example that shows a nice idea executed well. So if you're looking at a bin full of this stuff, or are wondering where to go after the new Boris The Blade, here's a solid recent release to fit in place.

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