Nemertines "Ur Tats & Selected Works"

Nemertines has long been a fascination of sorts, with the project being the product of a mastermind who releases consistent singles and EPs that range from several tracks of polyrhythmic metal pummeling to often one long epic audio landscapes. At first glance, the project's cornerstone release Bad Blood instantly grouped the "band" with the likes of Uneven Structure, Vildhjarta, Textures, and Monuments. But time would ultimately dispel Nemertines from any similarity with the instant follow up being an amalgamation of sounds that varied widely and introduced new elements to the technical side of prog djent. The art of each release is also alluring, making it a proper collaboration to the sound of Nemertines and also providing an attractive appeal.
     On Ur Tats, Nemertines proves once again that he can reinvent himself to whatever angle is catering to the mood of the room. There is never an expectation to be met, but Nemertines always manages to contrive quality in the writing regardless if it's extreme metal or a different alternative appeal. Here's to hoping Sumerian or someone with the right mind and funding will take an active interest in this release.

(SCD (2012) This one was a heavy and not as outlandish as some of his other work. It's a good place to start if you've never heard anything and can't find Bad Blood).

(I Want You (2014) How productive is this guy? A great single)

(Nemertines Associated Art Work)

(Nemertines Associated Art Work)

(Mechta o Mechta (2013) This is when it became obvious that Nemertines couldn't care less how the project was perceived. Such a wide range of sounds on this one)

(Black Noise (2012) This single was another "out there" release when all we were looking for was some solid eight string action)

(Bird Murder (2015) Unique fresh sounds, guitars on glass. Not where I'd start, but what's normal here?)

(Bad Blood (2012) Nemertines' Black Album. The Korn Self-Titled of the discography. The October Rust of the catalogue. This is the one for the encyclopedias to cite)

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