Less Than Jake "Sound The Alarm"

This sounds like a weekly grocery run for Less Than Jake. They're getting to a point where they might have a problem writing new music. Every release sounds like a repeat of the last, with an odd nod to the past. On their latest EP, it really is just more of what we've come to expect over the band's entire career, and while it may be welcome for die hards, it's a little boring for those of us still following this late in the game. It doesn't do what the latest Blink-182 does, and it's certainly not the most recent Taking Back Sunday, where the band plays off its traditional sound and infuse it with their batch of maturity. While Roger & co. pump out bubblegum hooks, full of life and charisma, it falls in line with the rest of the band's albums which makes this one very easy to overlook at only seven songs and just around twenty minutes.

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