Lorna Shore "Flesh Coffin"

Here's a band that's come an incredibly long way. From their mediocre efforts on their prior releases and EPs, here comes a mammoth of a ruthless death metal album that brings the riffs, technicality, and production that's required to step out of the murky waters of riff raff brutality. It's such a leap forward for the band in regards to their songwriting that the album almost takes those familiar with the group a few steps backwards. Perhaps it's Blasko's management, or maybe it's the band's longevity that's let them explore their range and grow with time. Whatever it is, Flesh Coffin comes at a time where fans are worried about the new direction of Suicide Silence, and the mundane efforts of Carnifex and not a day goes by where the metal community doesn't acknowledge this transition. Lorna Shore brings the beef just like Boris Th Blade and Emmure have this year in stepping up their efforts for their core fan base and should be plopping into the spotlight in no time.

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