So This Is Suffering "Palace Of The Pessimist"

At a time when bands are leveraging digital resources to their aid to enhance their creative outputs, So This Is Suffering provide an analog experience to a manual performance and step into the spotlight at a time when there's major disarray in the state of the metal community. 
     Sticking to the traditional execution of brutal deathcore, the band picks up where their debut left off five years ago. It's evident this is the band in full effect and not machines providing remedies as there's human elements littered throughout the release. The drums are they key piece, performing only what mere mortals can keep up with and never stepping into octopus territory where it's obvious it would take eight tentacles to execute fills and flare. 
    So This Is Suffering should technically be next in line to take the thrown. But with Oceano on the verge of greatness with their recent signing to Sumerian, and Carnifex doing all they can to stay on top of a scene that's seen Whitechapel and Suicide Silence stray slightly to the left, and Lorna Shore just plopping a perfect album on Southern Lord, there's no telling where this will land. 
     But for now, the production and creative process that took STIS here should leave them very satisfied with their accomplishments. Unique Leader did the right thing in standing behind this band. Here's to hoping they have the financial literacy to give them the resources they need to try and take a stab at underground greatness.

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