The Northern "Solstice"

At first, The Northern catapult out of the speakers, almost inhaling everything Textures accomplished in the foundations of their career. The first few tracks on the album are mind-bendingly mind-blowing, and show endless promise that Solstice starts to get racked up amongst some of the best stuff out there. The riffage and songwriting is so advanced that it instantly resonates as new and buzzworthy. But after the first several songs, it's obvious the band has had their entire longevity together to write those tracks, and slowly start to run out of ideas. The vocals that at first show range and infinite ability, slowly start to gnaw at the back end of every track, and just start wailing in Johnny Craig attempts to coo worthless melody. The guitar sorcery suddenly starts to fade and the riffs turn to chords in no time, and it's clear the band has exhausted all of their gasoline upon takeoff. Perhaps on the band's next release they'll recruit a producer who knows how to take all of this good and eliminate all of the bad in it.

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