Xibalba "Diablo, Con Amor... Adios"

Interestingly enough, Xibalba has not improved one bit since their debut, and their latest single displays more of that sluggish production that's hindered their prior releases from elite greatness. The drums are lazy, the guitars are borderline fuzzballs, and the vocals are as mundane as ever with little jazz in their lyrics to elevate their presence. Surprisingly, I've heard all the splits, EPs, and full lengths, and not one stands out above the other. It's unfortunate though, as the band has garnered much attention on plenty of hardcore fests and gatherings, but have never generated a quality product for people to take them to heart and catapult all their hard work throughout the past ten years to place the band at the top of the bill. If only the kids had something to cling onto besides crowd killing and stage diving, and actually grab a quality album for the ride home, then maybe Xibalba will get out of their parents basement and into the proper lane they'd probably hope to be cruising in this far into their career. Or maybe they're just doing it for the churros.

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