Born Of Osiris "The Eternal Reign"

Re-recording their debut release seems to fair well, with a new polish and production standards inflated to make for a brutal album. Why anyone would even bother spin the classic release is anyone's guess. What this project does well is showcase just how good Born Of Osiris was in their inception. They've always been brilliant, young minds, and their initial offering was more Glass Casket than it was Dream Theater.  It's not like the extra flare sprinkled throughout amazes anyone any more than the songs did when they dropped in 2006. This was always an impressive release. It is wild to look back on the last eleven years and reflect on so much the band has accomplished, and what they've done by influencing so many young bands to unearth. An extra perk is the last track which picks up right where "The Takeover" leaves off, making for a great addition to the band's reprise.

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