Emmure "Look At Yourself"

On their seventh complete release, Emmure bring out the artillery. Cornered by mastermind Josh Travis, Frankie finally has the right partner at his side to exploit the angles he's long been hinting at. While probably more assertive and intimidating since anything the band has done since The Respect Issue, and possibly more a Felony than a Speaker Of The Dead release, it sounds like this new line up has done wonders for the band. Whether they will attract new fans or convert those who've long turned their back on them is anyone's guess, but for the fans, it's a clear return to the focus that put them on the radar in the first place. There's still the obvious Durst influence and hints of Nu-Metal's hayday sprinkled throughout, but all in it makes for a fun record, with no dick songs, that's an easy brutal listen from front to back. 

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