Lakeshore "History/Kings"

At first glance the band sounds like another Rise Records mighty morphin' metalcore act, but when you pair the two tracks together it's obvious there's a little more than meets the eye with the Lionetti brothers. Distancing themselves from the grooves they accomplished on the first half of the Emmure catalogue, there's a little more depth and subtleties in play.
     "Kings" is obviously hindering on Circa Survive territory, with the vocals bordering Sky Eats Airplane tendencies with Aztec guitar riff raff lingering in the background. "History" is a little more straightforward, but it's clear that in the eyes of a cohesive effort, this album
will play much differently than these tracks do on their own. Without Kings, History sounds Nu-Metal, and without another track for more, Kings doesn't showcase hardly anything. 41 will hopefully be a big album, that achieves more as a combined effort than it does a few hits. How it'll play off in a live environment depends on how many hooks they have in the course of the release to fall on the ears of the all consuming Warped Tour market.

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