Martyr Defiled "Young Gods"

The album starts promising with "Sins of the Father" aligning the band with Thy Art Is Murder and Fit For An Autopsy acclaim, but it's instantly noticeable the band is distancing themselves from their ruthless death metal origins. It's instantly more Americana with "Bury Your Corpses Deep" and it's nu-metal throughout, with tracks like "Pestillent Bastille" lurking in Asking Alexandria territory. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but the riffage is just so defeated and rehashed that it's impossible to seeing this cater to anyone who hasn't already had enough Obey The Brave and Stick To Your Guns. 
     The band salvage themselves as the record continues, with instant potential popping up in the opening to "Carpe Noctem," and although it's groovy, it's also a bit juvenile and braindead at times, and definitely doesn't evolve from their mint performance on No Hope No Morality to catapult the band to the ext level. There's a little more variety in the vocal department than on the band's prior releases, with the band lurking in that clockwork, Ross Robinson inspired wail-groaning, but the formula just doesn't work. 
     Martyr Defiled were supposed to take over the gap Suicide Silence left behind, but with tracks like "Their Souls Are Mine" it's a toss up between Lifer, Boiler Room, and maybe even Ill Niño that they'll replace headlining their local Kathy's Wings & Subs.

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