Uneven Structure "La Partition"

With their latest release, the band can officially be seen as the experts on the concept of avant-garde rock, with their masterpiece La Partition picking up right where the best of Februus left off. While Vildhjarta and Means End have long faded, Periphery and Tesseract really focused their efforts in getting this stuff out to the masses, and in doing so, have left Uneven Structure in the shadows of the scene. But with a new album and a current tour, there's hope for them to reclaim the throne. It's truly unfortunate though, because Uneven Structure are the ones who know how to do it best. Just listen to what happens with "The Bait" and "Your Scent" at the end of this record, after being engulfed by some of the record's most lavish landscapes on "Funambule." It's truly a remarkable listen, with expectations consistently being toppled, and it's execution live will be the evidence necessary to catapult the act into legends of the aggressive art rock scene. 

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