Gideon "Cold"

On their fourth release, Gideon culminate all of their success from their milestone Milestone and their developments on Calloused into one beautiful package. Alongside their signature bounce, the gang shouts are in full effect and create a sense of power, and the melodies have been honed in to a tasteful touch. It's almost like Sevendust's sound has finally been actualized by a different band and it's obvious Gideon are masters in regards to songwriting and in the studio.
     So wha's missing from catapulting the band to new heights? At times the band is reminiscent of post Vol. 3 era Slipknot, and other times are almost as alarmingly influential as  Perseverance era Hatebreed, so why aren't they selling out stadiums? The fact is that live Gideon's music can hardly fill the room. Perhaps in small clubs and 100-cap rooms Gideon's sound can pack a punch, but when executing their songs live, the four piece band just doesn't cut it. There's enough sorcery on the axe that warrants the presence of at least three guitarists and everybody in the band needs a microphone in front of them. 
     Just off the Chelsea Grin tour with Ice Nine Kills, the band performed as a four piece and there were countless moments where the guitar player was letting a loop pedal carry the weight ineffectively, with just empty space filling the theatre, but no trickery could've packed the same punch than the actual physical presence of more guitars. The bass player? Yeah, he needs a mic. How does he get off not bellowing into the speakers when every song has shouts 300 people deep? The whole performance just felt a little flat (after seeing the act numerous times in various settings including Eat Your Heart Out, Warped Tour, and a small club show after Costs was released).
     It's obvious the band has the sound and the production to stand out. Which essentially is the most important thing. But it's time to catapult the performance a little bit, even if it means splitting the pie in two additional directions. That's not the right place to skimp.

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