Color Film "Living Arrangements"

The album should've been titled Procrastinators Anonymous, as these are songs that have been heard long, long ago, back when the band was opening for Crosses almost four years ago. Why it took until 2017 to get these tracks out there is anyone's guess, and why they sound flat and uninspiring is up for anyone to decipher. Album highlights "Restless Summer" and "Ambush Bug" are as animated as anything Daryl has done in the past, but it's a shock to finally hear "Bass In 7" and hear it a little too thin to rock out to. It's instant gold for anyone who loves Glassjaw and Head Automatica, but this one can be Daryl's "Mr. Bungle" project that's just a little too far to the left to embrace as a cult classic. Maybe repeated listens will enhance its state. 

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