Hundredth "Rare"

Changing the sound of your group entirely sure isn't a bad thing when you've taken ownership of the new approach and dismantled it better than any of your competitors. What Hundredth have done after a half dozen releases is react to the surge of bands that are popping up and taking over the scene like Citizen, Superheaven, and Nothing. Just give "Grey" a spin and it sounds like something straight off of Jar and "Shy Vein" is a direct pull from anything found on Youth. The biggest disappointment in the release is that the whole thing just sounds like one long song. Sure, the droning shoegaze approach is in right now, but after half a dozen tracks the melancholy just starts to drain on and on. The band did well to mold as this sound stands out more than their hardcore angst ever did, but here's to hoping it can mix well live in their already well accomplished and vast catalogue. 

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