Eighteen Visions "XVIII"

The founding fathers of the alarm clock riff and everything we know to be modern metalcore have come with force to reignite the flame that powered their foundations. Their reprise is a return to form and brings to mind the earlier part of their catalogue, infusing arena rock tendencies only with the right panache. The glowing torch is still there, with the band ripping hard through their ten song batch with no chance of mellowing out. There's the obvious nostalgic appeal of the act, just like Underoath's resurgence, Thursday's Full Collapse touring, and Poison The Well's handful of shows here and there, that will always plague the album. But on its own, it's a top notch record in their already superb collection, which epitomizes Eighteen Visions as the metalcore gods they've always been held to be, even if Best Of and Until The Ink Runs Out were sloppily put together. 

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