Goldfinger "The Knife"

While this group certainly has been gone for what feels like forever, The Knife makes an impact so big it's like the band never left. While John Feldmann has been busy celebrating his accomplishment after producing last year's epic California, it's clear the influence its made on him has lurked into his own creative approach with some of these songs sounding like they could've landed anywhere on Blink's most recent album. Just kick off the record with the album opener and the evidence is instantly apparent. The record is packed with scene All-Stars, with Travis Barker handling the drumming duties, and countless horns wailing in the background of the majority of the tracks. Nick Hexum and even Mark Hoppus make an appearance, and there's a clarinet solo littered throughout, creating a stacked release you won't want to miss. If you've given up on the band since "Open Your Eyes," it's time to pick up the interest and get reacquainted once again.

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