Nine Inch Nails "Add Violence"

While Reznor's approach to releasing his latest record is certainly anything but conventional, his ability to surprise the music community with his output sure does put a wrench in the works for many marketers. It seems like it's only been a week since Add Violence was announced and "Less Than" plopped on YouTube, and voila! the record is released. Without a physical release arriving instantly, NIN seem to be focused on executing various combinations of artistic births to splash new material in innovative ways. 
     At first listen, this second EP in the alleged trilogy is much more effective than the prior collection. The songs are instantly noticeable, and the hooks are easy to swallow. While the record litters the end of the track listing and just drones on in explosive noise until the album is finished, the three tracks sandwiched between the EP's single are so superb that they'll make you go back to Not The Actual Events and try and piece the whole thing together. The excitement of the lead single, and the lush polish of the tracks make then so delicious to the auditory experience.
     There's no telling when part three will be released, and who knows if NIN will track the record according to the order of the EPs in which they were released when it's all finally out in the open. But what's clear is the band's sound has shaken up a bit, and although there are bold streaks of Hesitation Marks throughout, there's just enough magic sprinkled throughout to make it clear that Reznor continues to evolve almost thirty years in the making. 

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