Neck Deep "The Peace And The Panic"

The band's latest installment finds them polishing off what they do best. While not exactly energized enough to be essential, the record's first half plays like a forgettable release. It isn't until the second half that the band makes it into necessary terrain.
     It's no doubt that Neck Deep is next in line to catapult like A Day To Remember or Parkway Drive if they stay focused with their hands on the handles. The band knows how to churn out pop punk gold that's infectious and contagious to the auditory experience. It's bubble gum tunes for the summer youth. It plays out well, but after a few releases it starts to sound stale. It takes time for the the group to break into album highlight "Parachute" and they stay sort of flat until they pick up again at "Critical Mistake." But even those two sound as if they've been captured a hundred times before, and Neck Deep is just paying an homage to the sources that created the scene in the first place.
     To be an epic, career arena band there needs to be a justifiable catalogue in the arsenal to support such productions. While Neck Deep continues to perform in larger than life capacities and curate huge productions on stage, it's nice to see them beef up their library. Just don't expect "Can't Kick Up The Roots" to be played twelve times in a row. Some of these tracks just kind of go.

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