36 Crazyfists "Lanterns"

It's been fifteen years since Bitterness The Star dropped from the Alaskan natives, and it's been just as long that Brock Lindow has been creepily wailing over the band's half dozen records. While his voice hasn't aged and barely changed a bit, the music supporting the frontman has certainly beefed up its artillery. This sounds like anything from the Devildriver camp, compared to Coal Chamber's Chamber Music. Instead of getting mediocre Nu-Metal, now the band is positioning themselves as a metalcore band, with polished production, crunchy guitar tones, and punishing drums pummeling away with conviction. 
     While the music remains digestible standard fare, Lindow's whacky vocal style isn't for everyone, and even though it's very different than anything else out there, it's not necessarily a compliment. Sure it stands out, but after a few songs, the schtick starts to get a little tiring. What's even more thought provoking is how anyone could stomach an entire discography with him going on like that for five albums. Good for them for sticking around, but maybe it's time to try a different angle.

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