Carcosa "Carcosa"

While it may be perceived as just another avenue for the Incendiary dudes to rip (correction; it's just their drummer) slides into a different lane, sounding much closer to Cult Leader and Devilinside, than Terror and Backtrack. It's a super convincing personality though, and the band definitely gets it right, but if we're comparing the two, Incendiary definitely takes the crown. If we're not, then this is a brutal beatdown release, that's sometimes thrash, sometimes hardcore, but all parts metal, as it punishes through its five tracks. Hopefully, Incendiary figures out a way to mesh the beatdown elements of Carcosa into their already highly formulaic brand of signature hardcore to make for a truly undisputed sound. But their All American style is apparent in both acts, and their certainly fueled with enough creativity to execute two separate entities on such a high caliber that are definitely worth your attention.

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