Circa Survive "The Amulet"

It's been quite the career for Circa Survive, and their inclusion of Anthony Green hasn't made anything more convenient. For one, the prolific frontman comes with endless baggage in the form of a slightly regrouped Saosin, and second, Green's solo efforts shouldn't be lightly ignored as a distraction for the band's cohesiveness. All of this aside, the band come together and produce their sixth album, one that finds the band continuing to stir butter in their status quo.
     While the band's first three records compiled noteworthy material that shattered boundaries, The Amulet finds the band rocking out in standard fashion, glazing away with their strums and coos. The explosive passion of their debut has faded, the reluctant but confident extremes of On Letting Go have been hindered, and the earth shattering songwriting that comprised practically all of Blue Sky Noise has withered away. While Violent Waves chartered some wild progressive territory, it was all but gone on Descensus, and The Amulet is really just more of the same; more tracks for the band to build a headliner set around the acts most prolific anthems that are long behind them.
     That's not to say that on it's own the record doesn't play like a gem. Amongst any other emo competitor, this record skyrockets to the moon and back. The band is made up of some of the most organized songwriters in the business. It's just unfortunate that a band that's developed some of the most impactful tunes of the past ten years can't seem to once again rise to the occasion

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