Comeback Kid "Outsider"

Year's into their career, Comeback Kid deliver an exciting performance with some of their strongest material to date. It's hard to say it's their best effort because they've always been a band with extraordinary songwriting skills for a barebones hardcore outfit. On their sixth release, the band step up their production game to new heights and incorporate refreshing elements, while still staying to their true sound they've held onto since Turn It Around.
     Although the band released their remarkable track "Absolute" earlier in the summer, the song still catapults the band's execution of an exemplary standout release. Whether Townsend's contributions influenced the entire record is anyone's guess, but it's evident his larger than life presence made an impact on the band's output. It's also worth noting that Townsend might want to collaborate with more modern hardcore bands if this is what his touch seems to accomplish. "Somewhere, Somehow" delivers classic Comeback Kid fun, and "Recover" begins to wrap the album up that ends with the surprising Johnny Cash-like "Moment In Time." 
     Comeback Kid have always been an essential band for any fan of punk and hardcore, and on their newest record the act sounds as fresh as anything else coming out with it's debut in 2017, marking another essential record in the group's prolific catalogue. The guest appearances only sprinkle a bit of seasoning salt on an already phenomenal entrée.

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