Condone "World Of Human Wreckage"

Social media can be a blessing and a curse. When it litters your line of sight with irrelevant fake news, or sensations of consumerism, it can certainly skew one's version of reality. But the wondrous utilization of the equation is amplified when it presents you with valuable content you'd otherwise never see. I've been following the disbanded Ancients on their Facebook since I discovered the band on some blog five years ago. As the band has been inactive for years, despite releasing an album about a year ago and just letting it sort of sit there, there's been no desperate attempts for attention on their feed about "what merch do you want to see" or "who wants to hear new shit." What is rad is when an underground band like this that gets no press on Lambgoat or Theprp posts that a few of their members are doing something else, and it rips and tears like one of the most convincing HXC EPs of the year. So blessings to Facebook for that.
     The production is mint ala-Ancients recordings and the record is available for nothing on Bandcamp. The vocals are brash and raspy, and there's a good sense of urgency between tracks as they pummel senselessly. No droning chugs or blast beats, but rather alarm clock chords woven within each track as it bangs and thrashes, wth gurgling bass tones. In fact, it's reminiscent of what Eighteen Visions just tried to do on their latest release and succeeded blissfully. It's a bold sound they're going for here, and it hits convincingly. This one is just a bigger shoutout to that which made this possible, because if it wasn't on their Facebook feed, I don't know how this would ever see the light of day. 

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