Counterparts "You're Not You Anymore"

The fact that the band are on their fifth release and have endured so much and are still pumping out solid material is a true indication of the group's commitment to their clan. The Counterparts campaign has certainly been convincing on every release, regardless of who's on the record, including the first release. Each installment thereafter has been that much more extreme   than the last in its artistic interpretation of their brand of passionate hardcore, that its certainly no surprise to hear the band going into overdrive on their most recent collection.
     "Bouquet" certainly exposed the band's compact sound early, but "Thieves," "No Servant Of Mine," and "Rope" show the band so pissed off that it's almost convincing enough to sustain destitute conditions to side with the group's message.
     While the messaging continues to impress, the band seems to continue to mold the sound August Burns Red's debut splashed into a digestible format that finds sub three minute tracks, blast beats backed by loaded chugs and gang shouts, and a Misery Signals hope delivery that's often sprinkled throughout metalcore acts. But Counterparts ability to tie in alarm clock riffs and not let their verses linger for a hundred years in the desert set them apart as the punishing act on the bill, regardless of who's placed beside them.

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