Cradle of Filth "Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness of Decay"

It's been a dozen albums since Dani Filth launched his crusade on the black metal world, and on his latest batch, the demons and ghouls are in full play. It's quite an accomplishment for a band of this stature to sustain the shock element for as long as they have. The commitment to their craft and their ability to consistently deliver on the metal front with conviction alongside their, at times extreme, visual accompaniment, has made Cradle of Filth a legacy act that can take over world stages. It's time the band begins to set themselves up to be as headliner in the eyes of the metal world. 
     Even if fans don't understand Rammstein, their visuals and their visual substance has enhanced the delivery of their challenging sound to many listeners who aren't as calloused as the average black or death metal fan. Their show has made the act a headliner in the world of metal. Cradle of Filth can accomplish the same thing, if they invest properly in the right theatrics, and correlate it to an effective greatest hits set, and the band packages themselves in a way that will catapult them to heightened success. Their twelfth album should help them do that.

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