END "From The Unforgiving Arms Of God"

If you want to start kicking around best concepts for supergroups, make sure to add END to your list. Featuring members of Counterparts, Fit For An Autopsy, and Reign Supreme, the act cements some of the scene's best into one incredible EP. Each track hits so hard and is packed with such a heavy punch, it's impossible not to replay the album as soon as it's finished.
     As if these dudes aren't busy enough traveling globally in their respective outfits, END adds more to their plate to deliver a straightforward metal album that somehow meets all of their acts right in the middle. Not too much death metal, not too much vocal rambling, and highly eclectic rhythm sections, the album is a unique effort that doesn't sound like any one band, and stands on its own two feet. It's a shame the group is slightly overshadowed by it's core parts because even if it was five random dudes, it would still end up as one of the best EPs of the year.
     The most prevalent element of END's debut is the presence of depth and the impact that the digital variables play into each track. Song after song, END incorporate hollow atmosphere that brings Townsend's larger than life production execution. Here's to hoping the members find time to continue their collaboration, and hopefully follow up with an LP in the not too distant future.

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