King Parrot "Ugly Produce"

There was a time when this band's schtick was to generate excitement over their vocalist squawking like a bird. On the band's latest release, there's much more variety at play and it's clear the act stretched themselves to the left of their gimmick. It's expected, as there's no way the act could've continued or lasted longevity if they didn't take time to further develop their brand of metal. Which in and of itself is pretty standard flare, the music doesn't do anything that Iron Reagan hasn't done, or Havok, of any other current thrash act on the circuit. While they still execute at an expected level from a signed band, that's a pretty low mark to set at a new release. Even though it rips like a solid metal release, it comes at a time where established acts are distancing themselves from what anyone would consider "standard," and this leaves the album a little flat.

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