Novelists "Noir"

Hailing from the class of independent djent-based acts that littered blogs, Novelists rise from the crumbles and release a proper collection of tracks that highlight them as a true standout. The transition from Arising Empire to Shareptone is a notable shift in support, and the record reflects the hard work the group has put into crafting their signature sound.
     Very similar to the changes Northlane made between their debut EPs and Node, Novelists have stepped up their vocal department with sensational melodies delivered by their frontman and toned down their ruthless assault. While at times they do represent their former selves on tracks like "Under Different Welkins," and drive staccato riffs woven with brutal wailing, the band instantly shifts back to their new identity and coo like Johnny Craig's early days in Emarosa. Alongside a magical saxophone component, tracks like "Monochrome" drive a unique combination of elements that make the hour long record bearable. 
     Something needs to be said about Novelists' unnecessary formula of three verses per track and a litter of pre-chorus that clogs the album. If each track was edited a tiny bit, and the band didn't have so many transitions separating the breakout moments of each track, Noir would be one of the year's best.

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