Stray From The Path "Only Death Is Real"

For the past ten years, STFP has been focused on delivering Rage Against The Machine's message with their compound sound in tow through Sumerian Records Ballou-styled production. Although Villains remains their defining moment, that's a personal flavor, and it's clear the band haven't strayed from the path of their theme and core sound around six albums deep into their career. There was a time where this band tried to make their songs surpass the three minute mark, something that saw them write lackluster material and fall flat and uninspired. This finds the band getting back to basics.
     Their sophomore outing was fantastic and this falls in line with those first two records. Some of the material and lyrical content is a bit overkill and the message sometimes is taken with a smirk, but it's clear this one's for the new kids who may have never heard of Zach de la Rocha, and this will eventually lead this young new audience to those classic records of the 90's. Whatever the band is thinking, this record sure could've used a little more time in the oven, as it's got everything a sound record should deliver, yet somehow doesn't feel convincing enough to execute.

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