Illuminations “Empyrean”

For a super trippy Molotov Solution meets Zappa, dive into the latest release by these deathcore soldiers who are treading their own terrain. While most of the spaghetti riffage and bland brutality has been heard over and over, these guys bring to mind the essence of early Molotov gutturals and A Different Breed Of Killer’s sense of adventure. It’s unfortunate that many acts have already tried to creatively spice up the space. Bands like Perdition and even Bleeding Through (who weren’t really deathcore because it technically wasn’t even a thing yet) have all failed here. Besides Born Of Osiris and Make Them Suffer, who’s really dominating this space? Illuminations still develop a solid record filled with fun and packed with a brutal punch for something a little different than the run of the mill metal record.

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