Shattered Horizons “Abhorrence”

For an independent act, the production on this metal release is superb. Not only that, but the vocal cadence, drum execution, and guitar sorcery are all noteworthy and convincing. While the metal landscape continues to cannon band after band with similar intentions, songwriting will always come first, and regardless of how glossy the record can be, if the songs aren’t good, there’s no longevity in this business. Shattered Horizons display a performance here that may only be complemented with prolonged time on the road and persistent nature of successful bands like Born Of Osiris and After The Burial. While the group often takes the lead from Beneath The Massacre with just a little more chug and prog droning, their ability to make their approach digestible and not just a pile of noodles caught on tape makes for a great listen for any calloused metal fan.

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