My Ticket Home “Unreal”

For years, the band has been trolling in underworld alternative circles but has failed to breakout properly. While bands like Citizen, Turnover and Basement have reached heightened success and in consequence have attained notoriety and respect, My Ticket Home seems to be struggling to find a home for their output. Their latest release is a grab bag of expectations. “Flee The Flesh” just screams Linkin Park please! and it’s an obvious desperate attempt to claw at attention from there. While past bands like Oceana took huge shape shifting forms and managed to write some real progressive songs, “Flypaper” type songs continue to litter the entire album as it progresses making it a very challenging listen. Unless Chevelle is your favorite band, this will instantly fall short. But then again, Chevelle does have a huge following, so I may be standing independently on this one.

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