American Me “Still Firing”

There was a time where Rise Records was focusing on the most creative hardcore and metal. Legend, Recon, A Different Breed Of Killer, Bleeding Through, American Me, and more recently The Acacia Strain have all come and gone (or stayed) through the evolution of the label, as it slowly started to dabble in more alternative sounds in the past four or five years. American Me are still one of the most aggressive bands in the business, snarling their vicious attack, and packing a punch for every verse since Heat. The group’s latest outing does what the band does best, screaming vocals bellowing and snarling on top of one another, and thrusted gutter-tuned guitars and pummeling double bass grooves. Not sure what the dude from Skindred (jk/lol) is doing on “Anti Life Equation,” but I’d recommend checking out the opener and “Passing Ships,” and then getting back to your normally scheduled broadcast.

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