Bodysnatcher “Death Of Me”

As a rising beatdown band, it’s clear that Bodysnatcher has reached heightened success. Rewind the picture to five years ago where Chugcore Promotions was the only place to find zip files for this genre, now acts like Kublai Khan and Spite are slowly finding a spotlight. While it’s still very much underground, for a band like Bodysnatcher to get picked up by Stay Sick and get that stamp of approval is a gateway event for the entire aggressive community. While bands like Barrier, Feign, Rex, 2x4, Silence, Dweller, and countless others all play in this space and perhaps have stronger independent releases, the most important thing about this record is that it exists for the beatdown and downtempo community, even if some of the lyrical content is jibberish and the actual quality tracks with any replay value are few and far between. 

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