Brutality Will Prevail “In Dark Places”

The hardcore dudes from England emerge with another record years after they dropped one of the best steadfast HXC releases ever. Scatter The Ashes brings to mind early Integrity, ripping and clawing at a soldiers pace, hunting down unsuspecting eardrums to pummel ferociously. Fast forward five years later, and the band seems to have evolved into a much more challenging boulder to move. It doesn’t seem like the same sense of urgency to pummel is there,  and there’s a slight feeling of the band dragging their feet to get to the good stuff. For a band that’s perceived to be a bare knuckle hardcore outfit, it’s crucial to deliver the meat and potatoes right away without stalling and hurry out of the kitchen. But on this record it feels like we’re just waiting ages for the vegetables to come out of the oven, which for anyone who’d be interested or willing to check it out, is just too long to admire.

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