Cannibal Corpse “Red Before Black”

These guys have been around long enough to know how to deliver a proud death metal record and keep the crown on their head. Fourteen records into their legacy, the band produce a dozen blazing tracks that stay true to their namesake and effectively swallow the competition whole. What’s alarming is to see the members still on their instruments with plenty of flesh on the bone to deliver such intense musicianship. 
     What’s also worth noting is that the band’s production has stayed true to their sound and delivers a classic touch of sorts, that shapes their latest release as a timepiece. In modern metal, there are so many variations of aggressive music, that at times are so ruthlessly heavy, its great to hear the sound as it was meant to be with modern flare. Cannibal Corpse are slowly working themselves into legacy terrain if they can continue to develop their fanbase and draw in younger audiences who can get exposed to the foundations of where it all began.

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