Converge “The Dusk In Us”

Forging forward into their vast legacy, Converge deliver their long awaited follow up to what was already a shapeshifter record in their career. All We Love We Leave Behind saw Bannon, Newton, Koller, and Ballou deliver a different take on their spastic sound, and garnered them attention as the scene’s most promising act. 
     While the band has managed to hone in their brash elements of wails, feedback and slam, they’ve managed to infuse a new element of subtlety into their sound that often sees Bannon in a new light, whether via spoken word or a wide variety of artistic vocal expressions. It’s clear Nate finally has the mic on record, and Ben and Kurt jam feverishly in sync, creating a unison in sound that’s only so fittingly Converge and no one else. 
     The record is full of depth and substance and finds the act charting new territory both atmospheric, melodic and assertively convincing in their execution to turn everything they touch into gold. While some of it may be unfamiliar terrain to long standing fans of the band, there’s enough here to make everybody happy and even cement this as one of the year’s most promising and artistically puzzling releases. You have been warned.

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